a little about me.


I’ve always had an affinity with photography. As a kid, I was forever cutting photos out of magazines & newspapers - tucking them away in a special box that I would go and rifle through when I felt I needed inspiration or simply wanted to look at something beautiful. To me, they told a story of another world, feeling, personality or place. 


Fast forward 20-something years, and I’m now a restless + creative being that feels most at home behind a lens. Capturing the essence of little moments, the life of the large ones, and the intimacy of the quiet ones in between, is what ignites my soul.


my style.


My passion lies in capturing the real, honest moments. Those where you don’t even notice your photo being taken. The expressions, touches and seconds in time. I’m not a fan of posing - the most authentic and beautiful images come from those when people are in their own personality.


You won't find me in a studio - I believe in natural light, fresh air, and familiar surroundings to capture the natural love & essence of my subjects.




I live in beautiful Cobar, in the Far West of NSW. 


People in regional communities shouldn't miss out on being able to capture the beauty of their lives + businesses due to location away from cities. I love travelling, and am willing to trek all over the countryside to bring my services to rural families and businesses.


If you think we'd be able to have some fun together and would like to collaborate, please get in contact with me. I can’t wait to hear form you.


Thanks for stopping by.


Em x